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Control Your Home Automatically With RMS Installs Smart Home Solutions

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With the control 4 smart automation solutions you get a full control over your house’s automated systems. control 4 dealer RMS Installs  allows you to easily control different devices and systems in your house such as music home theatre, climate control, security and a lot more exceptionally an automatically. You can easily stream music throughout your house with nothing but your smartphone. Control your lighting depending upon whatever you’re doing at that particular time of the day such as playing video games or watching a movie for the best possible output from your TV. With the control 4 automation system You can easily manage your house’s’ security. Control 4 allows you to monitor your house through surveillance cameras. The system can be customized to every house or every home regardless of it being a big house or small house.

Your Safety Ensured

If you’re worried about the law and order situation in your society you need control 4 security systems. It allows you to have a remote access over the security system of your house through a smartphone So you can easily monitor your homes security 24/7 on your smartphone. Let’s say for instance your kids left the garage door open you can close it instantly just buy a few taps on your smartphone screen. You can view your security camera feed anytime you’d like remotely from anywhere and you can also get text or notification alerts four different actions such as a  dishwasher springs leak.

Control Your Home Automatically With RMS Installs Smart Home Solutions

Manage Your Parties

Let’s say you’re having a party at your house, control 4 Premium automation solutions allow you to manage your Music and videos right from your smartphone wherever you are in the house. You can stream high quality sound in every room of the house where the system is set up. You can stream music from different online streaming services such as Spotify. The system also allows you to listen to your favourite podcasts in different parts of your house. This is an exceptional convenience factor for your entertainment your parties are great you can listen to whatever you want wherever you want in the house and you can enjoy the peace and tranquilly of your home without any hassle.

 Premium Home Automation Features

control4 smart home automation Atlanta ga premium solutions are generally here to give you more comfort, convenience and security in the house to make your life better. With the home automation systems you can command different devices and appliances in your home such as lighting, climate control, home theatre, security, music and entertainment, and a lot more. These automated systems can take care of your house even when you’re not around. For instance you’re not in the home  and the automated systems can open your blinds whenever the sun rises, can maintain your house’s temperature before you get back from the work, can give you text alerts when you kids get back from the school and a lot more along those lines.

control4 smart home automation Atlanta ga

“Alexa, Turn On Welcome”

Let’s say you went out to shop for groceries in the night and then you got back to your house and your arms are full of stuff wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone to turn on the light so you don’t crash into a table and hurt your pinkie toe. These automated solutions me can help you with that and countless other situations that you may find yourself dealing with in your house. you can turn on the lights with a simple voice commands such as Alexa turn On welcome Your lights will let up and even your doors will automatically close behind you so you can easily walk to your kitchen table and put your stuff there.

With just a few voice commands you can command your blinders to go up or manage your houses temperature from your bed. Let’s say you have a date in your home you can easily set a romantic mood by verbally saying “date lights” that you have already configured in your automated lighting to set up a romantic theme. You can even start your favourite romantic playlist when you’re dining in with your date. And did you know that you can create a bedtime scene with your lights that will turn them off, and lock the doors and create the alarm.

Before You Buy

Before you buy we would recommend that you visit your nearest control 4 certified showroom do you experience an orchestrated smart home so you can better understand which technology can fit into your lifestyle the best. Here you will witness the first hand experience of how these interlinked technologies and devices can collectively make your life better and more enjoyable. Moreover you can also discuss about the control 4 automation systems with the best professionals in home automation solutions.

Intercom Systems

With the intercom system your mobile phone is connected to the intercom experience this allows you  to have great benefits  such as you will always be aware of who’s knocking at your door while sitting in your bedroom or wherever you are. You can be anywhere in the world and you can activate the “delivery” system with just a few taps on your smartphone screen to disarm the alarms, turn on the light and unlock the door. When your packages inside the house you can activate the security systems again with just another tap on your smartphone’s screen.

control4 smart home automation a

High Quality Music

With your music you are used to listening to it with the portability factor whether you’re in your car on a bus on an aircraft without compromising the quality, so why would you compromise this portability and this quality at your home.  You are in control of your music and your entertainment your favourite streaming services are built into every control 4 system. You will have a variety of speakers, amplifiers and audio switches that will allow you to have it concert level experience right from the comfort of your home and you can also play this music and listen to it in every room of your house.

 Automated Entertainment Systems

Control 4 EA-1 Starter bundle allows you to add the control of different devices in your media cabinet in a single remote and it is also exceptionally flexible you can add more devices to it.

Best Home Theatre Experience

The home theatre systems can take your entertainment experience do an exceptionally new height the vision and the sound will feel so realistic that you feel yourself engulfed into the film. With the addition of a massive screen and a projector and the control 4 Triad audio solutions  you can experience the level of entertainment that you may experience at a cinema Or even better. Just fire up your Dolby ATMOS systems, turn on the surround sound, drop your screen and dim the lights and you’re all set to enjoy a great movie with popcorn.


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