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3 Ways This Real Estate Agent Tool Overcomes Competition


There are a projected 2 million people in the United States that have some kind of real estate license. The first query that arises to mind is, how on Earth are they supposed to enter with each other? It is bad sufficient that there is a rising concept that agents aren’t even wanted any longer. How does an agent stay alive?

Unfortunately, to make things poorer, the tools that agents use are outdated, expensive, and just not that competent. Agents pay thousands of dollars to major register companies to secure leads. However, these leads are not limited to them, they are given to several agents.

Get Exclusive Leads:

One of our users expressed us they pay almost $2,000 per month to access leads in their area, which are shared with quite a few other agents. Paying money to gain more races?

Real estate financiers eyeing for investment properties come to REMAX. We link with our users and catch those that are dynamically looking for agents. Those who choose to be contacted by an agent are then capable and arrange for information on their budget when they plot to purchase, and whether or not they are capable for alone. After collecting this information, we permit it on to local agents who have signed up. Agents can imagine getting between two to four special leads per month.

Market Properties:

By advertising properties to real estate investors, agents have prepared their target viewers much more concentrated thus, can improve competitiveness and serve. If over 60% of the American people are homeowners that mean almost 200 million people will want to buy or sell a home at some point. However, there are over 28 million real estate investors in the country. That’s an enormous number, but it quiet means less competition.

A huge benefit to having PA real estate investors as clients is that they are less emotive. Investors only care about the profits of a property, not whether or not the property demands to them in my opinion.

Get Know-how:

Agents can update their operations and services in multiple ways. Firstly, most agents share properties with their regulars by sending them a puzzling spreadsheet with different information. Try to use online real estate websites that have no more spreadsheets. If agents find out an investment property their regulars possibly love then they can part and take property financial records in a PDF format, which will cover all key metrics like cap rate and cash on cash return.

Secondly, just like most occupations, agents have to continue with the trends. More and more financiers are buying investment properties and turning them into holiday rentals.

Finally, rental comps! Agents can tell their clients the average selling prices and rental rates in the zone by knowing the area well. An agent can clear financier the exact rent of a rental property.

More and more people are becoming real estate investors, but they will quite want the help of an agent. REMAX makes it easy to find these investors, give them the information they need, and make serving clients easier. So real estate agents PA, cut your competition and jump on the bandwagon.


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