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What To Question Your Home Checker

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If you are receiving a potential property inspected, it can be vital to know what your home examiner is looking for. It is best to ask certain questions before the inspection takes place so that you can be sure to know in detail what is getting looked at, and what is not. Communication before the inspection can be really important, as the inspector and your REMAX Realtor are going to provide you information about this property that will affect your decision to purchase or not purchase this property.

What gets checked?

If you have a better understanding of what exactly will be checked by a home inspector, before the inspection takes place, it could avoid future headaches, difficulties, and misunderstanding. Heading into the inspection it, knowing what will be checked, ensures that you will leave the inspection fulfilled.  Typically, inspectors look at everything from the roof to the foundation of the home, including everything in between.

It is also important to be familiar with what is not getting checked in an inspection. An inspector can only do what’s called a visual inspection, so they can’t cut into walls or the HVAC system for example. If the inspector has reason to have confidence in there are problems with another system, they will over and over again call in another specialist, like a roofer, HVAC person, electrician, etc. to do a more thorough inspection of the potentially problematic area.


Home inspections can cost anywhere from $600 to $300, but it can vary. It really depends on the market that the house is in, and how big the house is. It is important to ask your inspector what the inspection will cost before the checkup is done. Most inspectors are paid on the day of the inspection, so it is good to know what to expect.

Remax Mike Chance Homes

Should you go?

Always ask your checker if you can tag along, before showing up at the checkup. Most inspectors will come to an understanding to this, as most want to have the prospective homebuyers at the inspection. It is more beneficial to the inspector to be able to walk through the home with them, and give details about everything that they are noting, or concerned about.

Importance of an inspection:

The findings of a home inspection can define whether or not you still want to go through with the purchase of the home. Often time’s home inspections can be on paper into transactions, as the sale is hooked on a good inspection finding. If you have communication with the home inspector, it can with the exception of a headache after the inspection is completed. Inspectors are used to curious or interested potential home buyers so don’t be fearful to ask any questions you have and go along on the assessment.

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