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The Best Women Tennis Players to Follow On Twitter!


There are few things more passionate than a spirited game of tennis. If you find yourself counting down to Grand Slam events such as the US Open or Wimbledon each year, then we have got good news for you. Thanks to social media you can now link with your tennis heroes regularly via Twitter. Many of the top players in the world are active Twitter users, sharing their lives and high-class photos that you may not see on more traditional media sources. Here are the top women tennis players to follow on Twitter.

  1. Victoria Azarenka:

Victoria Azarenka is presently in the top two positions for the World Tennis Association’s Singles Ranking. She is world-renowned for her tennis skills and has a following of over 188,000 on her Twitter account. Vika shares details about her professional and personal journeys with her fans. Twitter ID of Victoria Azarenka is (@vika7)

  1. Serena Williams:

Currently graded number one in the World Tennis Association’s Singles Rankings, Serena is a tennis and Twitter powerhouse. She is one of the most prevalent athletes on Twitter, with a following of over 3.5 million people. Serena is one of the most engaged Twitter users out there, spending time interacting with her fans daily. Twitter ID of Serena Williams is (@serenawilliams)

  1. Venus Williams:

We’d be remiss not to include Venus Williams on this list. Like her sister, she is both a fertile tennis player and Twitter user. Serena’s big sister is speedily approaching the 1 million follower mark. Venus loves engaging with followers and supporting her new clothing line via her Twitter account. Venus Williams is (@venuseswilliams)

  1. Maria Sharapova:

Maria is a beginner to the world of Twitter, but that does not make her any less influential. She’s been active on the social networking site since January and has scored a following of over 147,000 fans. Maria’s account is chock full of personal photos, providing a unique glimpse into her life. Twitter ID of Maria Sharapova is (@mariasharapova)

  1. Sorana Cirstea:

Sorana is both an active Twitter user and blogger, not to mention an incredible tennis player. Her highly significant blog posts have improved her fan base and Twitter following by thousands. She likes sharing her posts, pictures, and videos via her Twitter profile. Twitter ID of Sorana Cirstea is (@sorana_cirstea)

  1. Petra Kvitova:

Petra is currently ranked 7th among Singles Players by the World Tennis Association. You can track Petra on Twitter for unique glimpses of her personality and plenty of personal pictures. Twitter ID of Petra Kvitova is (@petra_kvitova)

  1. Angelique Kerber:

Angelique Kerber ranked 6th in the World Tennis Association Singles Rankings, is a highly interactive Twitter user. Good news for followers who are eager to connect with the tennis star on social media. Twitter ID of Angelique Kerber is (@angeliquekerber)

  1. Laura Robson:

Laura is early in her business and following her on Twitter gives you a sense of the victories and trials of a young elite athlete. Fans that follow her on Twitter will catch her to be tremendously significant; tweeting about things such as Harry Potter. Laura’s personality polishes through on her Twitter page. Twitter ID of Laura Robson is (@laurarobson5)

If you have always visualized about interacting with some of the tennis greats, Twitter may be the means to make it take place. Many of the world’s top players are active Twitter users who occupy their time sharing their photos and ideas and chit chat with fans via their accounts. If you are a conservative tennis fan, check out their Twitter profiles today!

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