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Why do sponsors select Wimbledon?

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This Sunday the 129th Championship of Wimbledon ended and as many estimated Djokovic Novak crowned as a champion for the third time. The whole sports show signified the highest international level and engaged a lot of tennis followers.

Every year this famous tennis tournament makes profits of £35 million in two weeks. With half a million of people go to the event and viewing figures on the BBC peaking at 10 million, it is not problematic to recognize why this tournament remains a powerful chance for a sponsorship activation.

The great proof of Wimbledon’s successful policy in sponsorship is the devotion of sponsor brands. The most long-lasting commercial relationship that Wimbledon grips with Slazenger (official ball supplier) dates back to 1902 and is the longest sports sponsorship in the world.

Another brand that is linked to the tournament for a long time is Robinsons that has been supplying the iconic tournament with beverages for the last 80 years. What is the secret of this performance?

As this blog article gives details, there are three main factors that make this tournament is a great chance for branding: the reach of the event, simplicity, and exclusivity.

Noticeably, sponsors get an opportunity to lift their brand awareness during the occasion and to use the VIP hospitality to be responsible for their customers, employees, and consumers with a branded experience at one of the most admired events in the annual sports calendar. Hospitality takes along the opportunity to forge and cement business relationships, reward the end consumer and convey important brand messages.

The success of Wimbledon is also founded on the natural matching of the brand to the tournament needs. Each sponsor arranges for the tournament with different products that are needed in the event and do not attract the spectator in an intrusive way.

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For instance, IBM manages the scoring and its logo is noticeable on the scoreboard. Robinsons, who supplies players with beverages, appears on the umpire chairs and Rolex, an official timekeeper, can be comprehended on the clocks used on the court. The key is ease and the significance of the brand. Sponsors cannot buy a presence in the tournament without being valuable and become the profile of the event.

Exclusivity is another key element. Indeed, Wimbledon ensures that the competition in sponsorship group is minimum to avoid dilution of the advertising influence. A low number of logos are essential to creating a message clear, and this is why Wimbledon takes care of a proper range of the brands.

All those gears make Wimbledon attractive for sponsors. The tournament not only gains a modest advantage by attracting a lot of spectators on the courts and in front of the screens but also put an effort into the accurate exposition of the brands.

As a result, a sponsorship investment during the prestigious tournament can make sure that the brand will be noticeable and linked with the splendorous occasion. Why not get your very own tennis court constructed and go for regular check ups by contacting Talbot Tennis the best tennis court resurfacing in Georgia.


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