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Dry Skin Relief


When it comes to winter, what is not to love? There is the magic of the holidays, staying indoors with appreciated ones as you enjoy a noisy fire, and oh yes; the itchy, painful skin that always plagues you this time of year!

A few people are more likely to dry skin than others, but if you wake up in the center of the night because you are dry as a bone skin is driving you crazy, you are not unaccompanied. You are also not alone if the newest, toughest (and most expensive) moisturizer you presently purchased cannot beat it to compliance.

The truth is, it takes more than winter conditions to send your dry skin into another painful spell. Here is what not to do (that you may be doing right now) so that you can decrease and minimize the uneasiness for the rest of the winter season—as well as year round!

Watch Those Warm Bubble Baths

While the temperature has dropped outside and the climate channel has issued a winter storm warning, there is no better feeling than relaxing in a warm bubble bath. That is, there is no better feeling than that until you have dehydrated off and your skin becomes dryer than ever.

As a universal rule of thumb, immerse in a warm (not hot) bath or shower for ten minutes, max. Even as it may be alluring to enjoy a hot one throughout the winter months, the payoff of cooler warmth is worth it. Here is why: when you enjoy a steamy soak, the hot water strips the usual oils off of your body. And, when that happens, your body cannot hold in dampness, causing you to double up on your lotion, post-bath time.

Shaving Will Irritate Your Skin

You might shave less in the wintertime (why not?) but when you do shave, it may be done completely wrong. While you shave, make sure that you are forever using a shower gel or shaving cream—that way, you won’t without cause strip away your body’s natural oils that are accountable for observance moisture in.

Only shave when you completely have to. Excessively using your razor throughout the wintertime (such as shaving your legs all another day when you might get away with shaving once a week) can get on your nerves your skin, most important it becomes dryer than usual.

Think Outside-the-Box When Moisturizing

If you move violently with itchy, dry skin, you are acquainted with the drill: wet, wet, wet! But if put soap all over on the ointment morning, noon and night still do not appear to be enough to smooth your skin, you can need to try a different moisturizer overall.

Use a dissimilar moisturizer than the one you have been using, and compose a note of any changes in dryness. For example, coconut oil or petroleum jelly is immense alternatives to the trendy, aromatic and costly lotions you might be used to. When you use warm water (instead of piping hot water) for your baths, shear only when essential and seek out new moisturizers that can better defend your skin, you will determine that you can be more in control than you always consideration possible. Enjoy the skin you are in, still during the winter months!

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