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Get Rid of Top 5 Distractions when studying


You know you need to study, but the distractions you are surrounded with in the form of loud friends or noisy music makes it difficult to put your heart and mind into studying. Moreover, wanting to attend a wild party that your friends have thrown, or willing to watch your favorite series can make studying a strenuous challenge. So here is a common breakdown of those distractions and some tips to help you get out of those situations.

Unnecessary Noise

Noise is one of the major distractions that keep students away from their books. When you are in your dorm room or any other room, you are likely to be surrounded with people indulged in their little interesting activities. Few people can successfully tune out the noise and focus on the matter at hand, but not everyone can do it.

Tip: Find a place that is quiet and compels you to study. Places like a library, empty dorm rooms, and peaceful cafes have less noise which means that you can stay focused for longer intervals.

Internet Surfing

The wonders of the internet will keep you hooked for hours without you even realizing it. We all know how it happens: you visit the internet to search for an article and a few hours later you are laughing hysterically at a video of a cat chasing its tail.

Tip: If you don’t need the internet, unplug your internet provider and focus on finishing your academic work. Moreover, if you need the internet during your assignment, log out of all the social media platforms, close YouTube and open a search browser that you rarely use. Surfing from a search browser that you do not use will keep you from deviating.

Strong Relationships

When you are around such people, who want to goof around or want to make you laugh on the embarrassing things you did last night, studying will become extremely difficult.

Tip: Study alone or find a group of studious people to study with. Tell you roommates or friends that you will be available after you are done with your work.

Receiving Text Messages

Trying to focus on your studies while your cell phone is continuously buzzing, ringing or vibrating can be a strenuous task. Moreover, the constant buzzing of your mobile can break off your continuous flow and disrupt your studying mood within seconds.

Tip: You can put your cell phone in the airplane mode, or if you don’t need it, you can turn it off as well. Keep your devices out of your reach for a good two to three hours and only check your mobile after completing your studying session.

Entertaining Environment

Studying in the same room where you relax, watch TV or play video games is never a good idea. That is because you are preparing yourself to be distracted from the beginning. Studying has always been a mundane task, and by surrounding yourself with your favorite activities, you are tricking your mind into ditching your work altogether.

Tip: Overcome your distraction by removing yourself from the obvious temptations. Look for a place that is free from your favorite pastime activity.

If nothing works for you, try turning studying into a game. Set different time intervals and study hard during that specific period. After a successful session, treat yourself to something you like but only for ten to fifteen minutes. Do whatever you have to do to get yourself motivated because, in the end, it will all be worth it!

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