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Specifications In Order To Cut Trees


Every day during my morning routine walk – a new lifestyle change that I am trying to add into my regular life is that I see more and more landscaping billboards and other mass media and then social media marketing taking place. Many tree trimming service have come up and due to the high demand to meet that gap in the current market more and more services or pruning, trimming, cutting and gardening are increasing.

Moreover, coming to my point that landscaping is something that is quite easily becoming a necessity for owners who are clients and want some sort of service to add value to their premises. This is why after researching on pruning and cutting trees and sitting with different expert professionals who have been serving in this industry we have tried to gather some useful information regarding tree cutting and stump grinning as the epi center of this debate.

There was a rumor going around that you are not legally applicable to cut a tree even if it is your area or in your yard, lawn and garden as tree cutting is illegal and as it affects the environment the eco system and wild life the state has the right. It is claimed that cutting trees causes a lot of disadvantage towards humans, animal’s wild life and the general eco system and environment as it may provide shelter to birds and other species and wild life. It is important to cut the tree from the roots if it has to be transplanted because it may grow again as suckers grow from the stumps this is why stump grinding is important.

Thus coming to out point regarding the rumors of cutting of trees in your own property being declared as illegal which after our research and consulting landscapers who work and consult other regulatory authorities we finally got to know that this is strictly a myth and nothing more. In fact the law states that you can and are able to cut a tree and trim it, trim the branches to the extent of your property line, if the tree goes over to another property then by law you can’t cut it. You can’t go to another’s yard and property and destroy that tree.

The techniques to use to cut the trees can be the following which should be at all times done by professionals especially landscapers or gardeners. Please do consult a landscaper in order to stump grind the roots of the tree if you want it to be transplanted or if cutting has to be done then do follow these steps that you may be able to do it on your own.

The method and technique to follow is that when you are about to cut the tree in an open steering slash in a middle to small tree size then while using a chain saw do point it at the exact direction that you would like the tree to fall because if not done right may cause some monetary damage if the tree falls over some asset or person or wild life. Thus it is important to make a top cut into the trunk in a horizontal manner and then with an angle that makes around 60 degrees with the chain saw or axe being dep into the tree trunk around twenty five percent well into its diameter. For more information and service consult Axe Tree Pros, the best landscape service in the vicinity.


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