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Things That Make a Good Renter


After capitalizing in a rental property, you want to be assured that those hiring will appreciate your investment. By generating a list of abilities to look for in a tenant, you can avoid pricey evictions, non-payments, and possible damage to your property. So we have made a list for you, these are some things you should request about when fishing for a worthy tenant.

Good Credit:

First and leading, you need to choose a tenant with good credit. Having a great credit score designates they must be monetarily accountable, so you know they will pay their rent on time. During the request process, run a credit check to understand if they have a history of giving their bills on time. You can use online services such as Tenant Verification, to screen tenants and check an applicant’s credit score.


Stability is a good sign as to whether or not a tenant will be dependable in making on-time rental payments and being a long-standing occupant. By looking at past rental and job history, you can see whether or not the tenant has a constant life and income. Moving several times or being unreliable with employment in a short period of time may raise a red flag. A good renter has a stable life.

Good Rental Past:

Rental account permits you to get a sign on whether the individual made a good renter in the past. Request for information on where they are moving from and why they are moving. You can also request for contact information to express to at least two of the tenant’s previous property-owners. It is vital to speak to at least two landlords because the most recent one may falsify data in order to get the tenant out of their current location. Ask landlords question such as if their rent was on time if they gave at least 30 days notice prior to relocating, and if they maintained the property.


A good tenant is an honest renter that does not lie about making rent, their employment status, and any damages that have occurred during their time as a lessee. In the course of the application process, check the trustworthiness of a potential tenant by confirming the data on their application. Call their past landlords and employers and check their ID to verify information.


Having your money invested in a residential property means that maintenance is really important. A worthy tenant will help look after your investment by taking care of the property and keeping it neat and clean. The bigger the mess the tenant makes while renting, the more you will have to deal with when they move out. One way to check if a tenant is clean is to drop by their home unexpectedly or walk them out to their car and take a look. You definitely want to ask their previous landlords about the condition of the property during and after the tenant’s lease.

As you are in search for a decent tenant, be definite to mention to the rules and regulations concerning tenants and landlords. Although finding a good tenant is important, it needs to be done in a nondiscriminatory manner. Use a potential tenant’s request as your line of protection for weeding out uninvited tenants. Staying true to the application process will help you avoid a loss of your investment property.

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