Home Interior Design Trends of Paint Color in 2017

Trends of Paint Color in 2017

Trends of Paint Color in 2017 bestdecorhub

If you are looking for paint color selection for your new home it would be very tricky and confusing to select which one will suit and look best. There are too much choices for this adoption and man seems helpless to select color, shade and brand. Though it is a hectic task but you can make a perfect choice for your home by our ideas. We are giving you some amazing ideas for paint color of your home and we believe that you will be happy to follow us. The choice of color is not restricted to only hired professional expert but you can also give your own likes and dislikes. Our ideas are paint color manual for all of our visitors.

Blue and Blue Shades

All interior designers focus blue shades and color now a days and it has been a trend in past and again now a days in practice. All shades in blue look graceful. This color and shades create calmness, spaciousness and coolness in homes and apartments and even in offices. These shades create freshness and give a professional touch of choice. You can use only one color and even different shades in different parts, portions and rooms of home. Once you applied these colors of a famous and standard brand paint color you will admire our blog and also grace of paint color.

Grey Paints

Black and white color has passed their time. Now people go and select some light dark and soft color like grey. White color cannot be used alone in whole home and black paint is not in practice massively. Instead of this combination, shades and spectrum of grey colors is much better and graceful. It really enhances the charm of the home. It is also one of the cool and soft colors and creates more simplicity in the home and people like it very much. Try different shades (not more than two shades) in one room (two or three walls with one color shade and one wall with another shade). Some professionals say that opposite walls should have same color in one room. This type of application of paint colors create a gesture that owner likes beauty and uniqueness.


Choice of Pink Colors for Home

The choice of color varies person to person. Pink color is the choice of many people in the world. This color is not only for girls and little babies but elders and professional people also like it. Pink and its shades are really very attractive. They are very bright and eye catching. This color catches eyes from far away and makes the home or building prominent than others. Pink color has many shades and all of them are in practice. It is also commonly used in ceiling of the rooms. Rose shade in walls very famous now a days. Only one caution is taken into consider, shade of pink or cozy color should not be so bright that it create irritation in eyes. Else it would increase the coolness in your home.


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