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Fitness Monitor Devices That Hold you are Accountable

Fitness Monitor Devices That Hold you are Accountable

The surgeon general recommends that to live the healthiest life, take 10,000 steps or more a day. How many are you taking?

Whether you run, cycle or simply walk from home to work and back again, there’s nothing like knowing just how active you really are than by a device that does it for you. Our bet is when you tackle your active lifestyle with one of these tracking devices, you’ll be even more motivated than before to kick up your workouts into high gear.

Ready to take your workout to the next level?  Fitness tracking devices can make sure you get there.

If you are still not so sure, try this on for size: Fitness monitor devices hold you accountable, have the ability to motivate you during the course of your workout and put you back in control by hunt down each step you take and just how much you get done.


Do you want to feel back in control of your workouts? The Fitbit wireless device does multiple things for you: It tracks how many steps you take, how many calories you have burned, and even how good of a sleep you are getting at night.  If you need some added encouragement to climb stairs at work instead of taking the elevator, the Fitbit 3-D motion sensor will track them for you. Do you know how heart healthy you are? Do you want to make stronger your hamstring muscles? Whether you are working with a trainer or working out on your own, lose weight and gain confidence with your new best friend. Fitbit has your back.

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Run Keeper:

Track your latest treadmill run at the gym, or that Saturday jog outdoors. As one of the best GPS iPhone apps out there for runners, it is also one of the easiest to use. You can benefit from being coached through a workout, motivated when you are running behind or just simply track how far you ran. Log onto Runkeeper.com and track your progress along with a personal dashboard that agrees to you to view your workouts any time you need to.

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Bow Flex Heart Rate Monitor:

The Bowflex strapless heart rate monitor is a perfect fitness device for anyone new to the idea of fitness tracking.  It offers heart rate readings, is water resistant with alarm, and notifies you when you are dropping out of the cardio or fat burning zone. If you have just started a cardio program or looking for something easy to take with you on your next workout, the Bowflex works wonders.  It is simple, easy to follow screen is user-friendly for both beginners and exercises junkies.

Bow Flex Heart Rate Monitor

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