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Use a Tree Stump Grinder for Mechanical Removal


Mechanical removal is an extremely critical process that needs you to put on the necessary safety gear. With this practice, a tree stump is eliminated manually or by using heavy equipment or machinery. The most common equipment used for this process is known as a tree stump grinder which is made up of sharp cutting blades and is used to grind the stump into tiny pieces. Long sleeves/pants, gloves, heavy boots, and eye protection are some of the necessary protective items that you must wear during this.

The overall idea of this tree stump removal in Frederick MD method is to eliminate a big chunk of the stump as much as possible and bring it nearer to the ground. This is the best process to use if you have numerous tree stumps that required to be eliminated. A tree stump grinder can either be rented or you can hire someone to come with the equipment and eliminate the stumps for you.

Manual Removal

This North Plainfield NJ stump removal method is only best to use if the tree stump you are planning to remove is not big and you can easily dig it out. Don’t dare to remove the stump while keeping its roots intact as this will utilize too much time. The best practice to remove a stump is to start by digging a trench around it in order to ensure as many roots as possible are exposed. This makes it easier to cut through the roots as well as loosen the soil around the stump. Keep one thing one thing in mind, manual removal only works best for tree stumps with shallow roots.

Fire Removal

 Removal of tree stumps by burning them is a general practice that many people tend to use because it doesn’t involve a lot of work. This practice works great for large tree stumps and the method involves drilling numerous holes into the tree stump and then filling fuel or kerosene in them. Leave them for about two days for the stump to be well soaked in them, then ignite a fire in each of the drilled holes. The smoldering takes some days and finally, you will be left with a hole.

Natural Removal

 Natural removal means you are enabling the tree stump time to decompose on its own without any intervention. Once a tree is removed, North Plainfield NJ stump removal sets in the stage of decomposition and the only thing you have to do is letting the stump rot while it’s still in the ground. This is a good choice to consider, especially if the stump you are willing to remove has a small diameter. You can cover the stump with remomulch, soil, or fertilizer to increase bacteria and fungus that results in decay until the stump can easily be eliminated from the ground.

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